Cold Rolled Special Profiles Steel that provide great surface finish

Established in 1983, Montanstahl is a Swiss steel products manufacturing company. The company supply high-quality Special Profiles, Stainless Steel Structural, Stainless Steel Bright Bars and System Profiles to all over Switzerland and 60 other countries around the world. They are also a prominent supplier of cold rolled special profiles. The company has been a major supplier of Switzerland for building, structural and architectural industries.

Special Profiles

Montanstahl is one of the leading supplier and manufacturer of Special profiles of Steel. It has been producing all types of steel ranging from tool steel, stainless steel, SBQ to low carbon steel. We use high-tech modern technology to offer functional, cost effective, and top quality steel products.

The company has been a great supplier for different industries over the year. They produce different types of steel grades that include stainless steel, Low carbon, SBQ and tool steel. To provide perfect quality steel profiles, the company uses both hot and cold manufacturing technique.

Hot Manufacturing technology

cold rolling process

The technology includes Laser Fusion, 3D Laser Fusion, Low Impact Laser Fusion and Hot Rolling & Extrusion techniques.

  • Laser Fusion – Without using filler material, it can produce very small weld seams;
  • 3D Laser Fusion – For producing nonlinear or curved profiles or extremely complex profiles, the 5 axis robot enhance the flexibility of laser fusion;
  • Low Impact Laser Fusion – For small sections with thin material that needs reduced heat penetration;
  • Hot Rolling & Extrusion – The most cost-effective solutions for steel profiles.

Cold Manufacturing Technologies

This technology includes Cold Rolling, Cold Drawing, Mechanical Crimping and Press Braking & Forming.

  • Cold Rolling – A very efficient manufacturing process especially for small sections up to 400mm2. Good for small production lots with great surface finish and tight tolerance.
  • Cold rolled special profiles are suitable for very small production lots.
  • Cold Drawing – Most effective manufacturing technology are suitable for medium and large size sections up to 2000 mm2.
  • Mechanical Crimping – It allows mixing up two different materials with the purpose to achieve a magnetic, acoustic, electrical or thermal decoupling.
  • Press Braking & Forming – This technique is a subsidiary of laser fusion. To make customized rounded shaped profiles, it is highly used and come in handy up to 15mm thickness and 12.4mm length.

Production Process Option

The option of the production process for a profile varies on its surface finish, tolerance, overall size, complexity, and the required lot size. They usually manufacture the profiles in bars but for special requirement, they can provide in coils as well. According to the characteristics of the preferred section and perfect production technology, they can supply bar lengths up to 15 meters as per your requirement.
The manufacturing technology of the company is evaluated in close relationship with the customer so that they can provide a cost effective, high quality, durable, ready to work steel materials.

Montanstahl has been one of the best manufacturer and supplier of cold rolled special profiles for years. Every process is operated with skilled, experienced and dedicated professionals by following all safety rules and regulation to avoid any unexpected incident during the process.

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