Making Your Dream Home A Reality With Limited Funding

The Possibility Of Building Your Dream Home

It is possible to build your dream home on a limited budget. The first step is to live on as small a portion of your income as you are able to. The rest must go directly into a savings account. Once your savings account has reached a decent size, it is time to buy your land. Living on your property in a small trailer will allow you to keep your expenses limited, while you begin construction of your dream home.

The Design Of Your Dream Home

self build dream home

Pay extremely careful attention to the blueprints for your new home. The final cost of your home, the comfort level it provides, the efficiency of your energy levels all start here. You can literally save thousands of dollars in construction costs with careful planning.

Solar Homes

The myth is solar homes are more expensive but this is not necessarily true. In a solar home, the windows are on only one side of the building. No additional materials are required. This is an excellent choice to save money on electric costs once your home in finished.


Keep your choices simple and direct. A wide open floor plan means better air circulation, stone walls keep out more of the elements, and wood stoves are more economical. By basing your choices on research, and keeping them well thought out, your home will be both beautiful and efficient. It is the design of your home and not the cost that will make it a dream home.

Building Your Dream Home

Not everything you have planned will work out, and if this is understood from the beginning, everything becomes easier. Stick with what works and change what does not. If you have the ability, and obtain the required permits you can build your own home. If you do not, carefully research home builders and find one that will really work for you. You need a builder who is willing to build your home your way, not theirs. By following these steps you will indeed be living in your very own dream home.

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