Planning a marriage’s location

Planning the wedding is an event in which all loving couples aspire. There are many details to consider when you plan a wedding, but thanks to this article the organization of this important day will be easy and fun. So, there are many things to do, like choosing the flowers for the bouquet, the car that will carry the bride and groom, the music that will be heard during the marriage. Also, you have to choose the wedding’s photographer, the menu, etc. Anyway, it is important to focus on construction and location planning.

Wedding on the beach

wedding on the beach

If your desire is getting marriage with the sound of the waves and the sea breeze, planning the wedding will be very simple. First, you need to choose a fairly large sandy space to hold the chairs where your guests will be seated. Obviously, you have to get state licenses, before occupying public land. The chairs will be arranged in a row, lined up perfectly, to leave a space at the center. There, you will put a long white carpet, so the couple will walk on to get to the altar. It’s a good idea to decorate the chairs with blue ribbons, to remember the color of the sea. You can also spread the long white carpet with seashells and faux starfish. The altar will be decorated in the same way.

Marriage on the lawn

Getting married surrounded by nature is a very romantic idea. In this case, the planning of the location is simple and challenging. First of all, after choosing the piece of lawn and getting state licenses to occupy public land. In this case, it is enough to arrange the chairs in perfectly aligned rows, of 3 or 4 on the right side and the left side. At the center, you will put a long white carpet for passing the newlyweds. The carpet is decorated with white and colored petals, to recall the nature. Even the chairs will be decorated with flowers and green ribbons, as well as the altar. Your guests will be fascinated by this atmosphere.

Wedding in the hotel

Many loving couples prefer to plan a marriageĀ at the hotel. The hotel, in fact, allows a comfortable and safe structure if it rains on your wedding day, or when wind and cold are . Then get married at the hotel is ideal when it is celebrated in winter. If marriage is a civil type, many hotels have an altar where a responsible official may celebrate your wedding. The location of the schedule, in this case, is really simple. Just explain to your tastes hotel employees about the color of the chairs, the decorations, the flowers, and choose the menu and music. They will create the right space to comfortably hold your guests.

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