Sedus, office furniture for the modern world

People spend a lot of time at work. Yet many times the places people work would not be described as comfortable. This is where Sedus hopes to make a change. Sedus is a company that specializes in ergonomic chairs and modern modular office furniture. Their products are not only comfortable, they are stylish as well.

Working in an office furnished with Sedus modular and modern furniture is both appealing to the eye, and comfortable to the body.


Ergonomic Office Chairs


Sitting at a desk all day is enough to make any employee go a little crazy, sitting in an uncomfortable chair all day is sure to reduce productivity.

Sedus know how important it is for employees to feel comfortable while at work. They offer a variety of ergonomic office chair options that will fit a variety of personal styles. Office chairs can have a high or low back with a variety of support features. The color choices for office chairs is wider than most companies.

No matter if the office decor is trendy, traditional, or classic, Sedus has a product to fit the design of all companies.

The swivel office chairs are made to withstand the test of time. With high-quality materials used to make each chair, companies can know they are getting the most for their money. Each chair is made with high-quality hard castors that will work smoothly on soft or hard flooring. The swivel desk chairs are also equipped with a special gas-lift mechanism that allows the height of the chair to be adjusted in mere seconds.


Sedus ergonomic chairs



Not all offices have exclusive workstations. Many times each workstation will be shared by a variety of people depending on the day, time, or project being completed.

It is important that offices with this set up have just as versatile office furniture. Sedus has thought of products to match these requirements as well. The “se:do” is the perfect versatile chair. This chair has a height adjustable lumbar support, membrane cover over the backrest to reduce wear and tear, a seat mechanism with quick action tension control to easily adjust the seat height. Se:do also has the ability to adjust the height of the armrests to allow for maximum comfort for all employees. The color of this chair is black which makes it chic and able to match with almost any decor.


Lounge Furniture


Sedus not only produces amazing office chairs, they also have solutions for waiting rooms, conference areas, and comfort furniture for customer seating areas.
Se:works is the new exception to the rule of “no couches in offices”. This couch is not only comfortable for employees and customers, it is also stylish. The style evokes a feeling of modern productivity while providing an aesthetically pleasing design.

One of the great things about Sedus office furniture is the ability to create the proper amount of seating any office needs by purchasing different pieces of furniture within the same line. This allows offices to create a variety of shapes and configurations by using the same pieces in different arrangements.


Easy to Store Tables


Every office needs table space, however, many times offices do not have enough space to keep these tables erect when not in use. Sedus has the solution to this common problem. Enter the mastermind fold. This table was made to be functional on several different levels. It is easily folded, convenient to store, and able to be set up for use in less than a minute.

Sedus is a company that thinks beyond functionality and strives for comfort.

By creating ergonomic chairs and modular modern office furniture that is stylish and comfortable Sedus is taking the world of business furniture by storm. Any business that is looking to upgrade the style and the comfort of its office furniture needs to look no further than Sedus.

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