Self-Build Your Next Home

To self-build a home is to construct a housing structure from the ground. Self-building can be done by physically doing all the work yourself up to hiring contractors to carry out your vision. If you have a unique vision and certain requirements for how you want your home’s architecture to look, then self-building may be an option to consider.

Why Self-Built

Self Building can actually cost less than buying a property that is already built. Also with self-built homes, you can rest assured that you are getting the house of your dreams. You also have the ability to choose where you want to build and you have the option of creating a home that is energy-efficient and that can save you money in the long run.

Where To Start


The first thing you will need is a plot on which to build your home. When buying your plot make sure to pay close attention to legal matters such as the title deed of the land. Check for any restrictions that may be attached to the land that you are considering purchasing. Not many who choose to self-build homes actually build the homes themselves. Most hire architects and contractors to help with the process. It is important to make sure all public safety requirements are met on your building site for your workers. Insurance is a must. You may want to hire a Project Manager to help oversee that progress is being made on your home.

Main Types of Self-Built Homes

Generally speaking, there are two kinds of self-built homes. The first type of self-built homes are those that are made from scratch. The advantage of this type of home is that you dominate exactly what you want your house to look like. This downside is that this option can be costly. You will more than likely have to hire an architect to help with planning. These homes are known as One-off homes.

The second type of self-built homes are called Kit homes. This method is the quickest way to get your home built. Included with kit homes are packages of building materials. Several options are provided such as which type of framing you would prefer and what type of materials you want to be used . This method is the less costly of the two.

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